How Did Roulette Begin?

Like most games that have been around for centuries, there are rumors about where Roulette actually originated but the most known history of Roulette is that of its French origin. Most win-win casino beste casino på nett! Manage to collect your winnings!

Around the 17 th century it is said that a French Mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented a game using a small wheel (or “roulette” as it is called in French) due to his increased fascination with perpetual motion.

Pascal invented the wheel to have 36 numbered slots but a few years later, with the increased popularity that Roulette had gained in France, some fellow Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc decided to create an extra slot holding a zero in order to achieve a house advantage.

By the time the game got to the US it was extremely famous all around Europe and gained equal popularity in the US where a “ 00” was created to further increase the House advantage. Roulette’s popularity has gained it its nickname the “King of Casino Games”.

The most interesting rumor by far behind roulette is its supposed link to the devil. Rumor has it that Francois Blanc actually made a pact with the devil himself when he started opening up casinos in Monte Carlo so that the game would be as famous and as popular as it is today. Some people really believe this story because if you were to add up all the numbers of the Roulette wheel together they equal “ 666” which is believed to be the number of the beast.